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The Right Leg Bent Mannequin is designed to add a touch of movement and dynamism to your retail displays. Its unique pose, with the left arm holding the right elbow in a crossover position, and the right leg bent and crossed over, creates a stylish and eye-catching stance. This pose is ideal for showcasing a range of clothing styles, from casual to formal wear.

With a height of 5'9" and proportions that closely resemble those of a typical adult, this mannequin provides an accurate representation of clothing fit and style. The choice of glossy white or matte white finish allows you to customize the look to suit your retail environment. The round chrome base ensures the mannequin stays stable, even in busy retail spaces.

Constructed from durable fiberglass, this mannequin is built to withstand the demands of retail use. Its versatile design makes it suitable for a variety of display scenarios, whether in a boutique, department store, or fashion exhibition. The Right Leg Bent Mannequin is an excellent addition to any retail setting, offering both style and substance.


  • Left arm holding the right elbow in a crossover pose
  • Right leg crossed over for a dynamic and natural stance
  • Height: 5'9", Chest: 31", Waist: 23", Hips: 34"
  • Comes with a round chrome base
  • Available in glossy white and matte white finishes
  • Made from fiberglass

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