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Lozier Shelving Single-Sided Starter, platinum 48W 72H 19D

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Maximize Your Store Space with platinum Gondola Shelving

Achieve a modern store design effortlessly with our platinum gondola shelving. Simplify the process—purchase one starter unit and connect the desired number of add-on units for your preferred aisle length. For a 20-foot aisle, for instance, secure one starter and four add-ons. Commonly known as gondola shelving, this Lozier display is a staple in convenience stores and supermarkets, designed for high-traffic retail environments. It's a single-sided unit ideal for positioning against a wall in your store's floor plan.

Versatile and Stylish Store Shelving

Tailored in platinum, this heavy-duty display is perfect for intimate store areas and highlighting premium products like wine, spirits, or food items. The unit includes platinum Lozier metal shelves and other gondola parts available for separate purchase. For added versatility, consider incorporating this grocery store shelving unit into a modular gondola system. Comprising engineered gondola parts, it allows various assembly configurations, empowering store managers and visual merchandisers to design store aisles creatively.

Easy Assembly and Configuration

Available as a starter unit and an add-on unit, the starter unit measures 48W x 72H x 22D overall. Featuring a 19-inch depth base shelf positioned 6 inches above the floor, it includes two slotted gondola uprights for installing separately sold metal shelves. The unit comes complete with a sturdy 1/4-inch thick platinum wood pegboard. Build extended aisles by assembling a starter unit and attaching add-on units. Add-on units share uprights with adjacent units, streamlining the configuration process for your ideal store layout.

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