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Lozier Shelving Double-Sided Starter Unit, platinum 48W 54H 47D

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Creating Double-Sided Store Aisles with platinum Gondola Shelving

Looking to revamp your store or business with double-sided aisles or island displays? Explore the hassle-free ordering and installation of platinum gondola shelving at Wholesale Store Fixture! Start each aisle with a single starter unit, then link add-on units to achieve your desired aisle length. For instance, for a 24-foot aisle, acquire one starter unit and five add-on units. These units effortlessly connect with built-in grooves. Enhance your store's appearance with our cost-effective platinum gondola shelving, featuring a sleek modern design. The midnight platinum finish, baked onto polyester, ensures durability. The 1/4" thick tempered hardboard platinum pegboard panels add a stylish touch.

Double-Sided Gondola Unit - Quick Assembly

Our metal store fixture, a double-sided gondola unit, allows for the creation of store aisles of any length. Both front and rear sides are identical, comprising 2 pegboard panels, 2 vertical slotted steel uprights, 2 base shelves, internal rolled-steel display feet, and all necessary gondola shelving accessories. Engineered for weight support and commercial-grade durability, it accommodates metal gondola shelves, each capable of holding 500 lbs (sold separately).

Starter and Add-on Kits - Flexible Store Shelving Solutions

Available in two complete kits, the starter kit measures 48"W x 54"H x 47"D overall. Its bases are 22 inches deep on both sides for added display capacity. Expand the width or build an aisle with an add-on kit, growing the starter from 48"W to 96"W. Extend your aisle by connecting more add-on kits. For a 12-foot aisle, use (1) starter kit and (2) add-on kits, and for a 16-foot aisle, use (1) starter and (3) add-ons. The add-on kit retains all components of the starter kit, with one less slotted metal gondola upright, optimizing cost and assembly time.

Gondola Signage Options - Advertise and Boost Sales

Explore a range of gondola signage options, including Aisle Sign Holders, Toppers, and more at Wholesale Store Fixture. Elevate your store's design, effectively advertising and increasing impulse sales.

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