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Lozier Shelving Double-Sided Starter Unit, Black 48W 84H 41D

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Simplified Steps for Ordering and Setting Up Island Display Gondola Shelving

Revamp your store or business with hassle-free double-sided aisles or island displays using our convenient black gondola shelving available at Wholesale Store Fixture. The process is straightforward: commence each aisle with a starter unit, then seamlessly attach add-on units until you achieve the desired aisle length. For instance, to create a 24-foot aisle, acquire one starter unit and five add-on units. These units effortlessly connect to one another and the starter unit through built-in grooves. Our extensive selection includes metal, wood, and wire retail shelving to enhance your store's appearance with this cost-effective black gondola shelving concept, featuring a sleek midnight black finish baked on polyester for enduring durability. The 1/4" thick tempered hardboard black pegboard panels complement the modern design.

Versatile Double-Sided Gondola Unit for Any Store Aisle

This metal store fixture serves as a double-sided gondola unit, perfect for creating store aisles of any length. Both front and rear sides mirror each other, equipped with 2 pegboard panels, 2 vertical slotted steel uprights, 2 base shelves, internal rolled-steel display feet, and all necessary gondola shelving accessories. Engineered for robustness, this commercial-grade retail display supports substantial weight. Add metal gondola shelves, each capable of supporting 500 lbs (sold separately).

Starter and Add-on Kits for Convenient Store Shelving

Available in two comprehensive kits, the starter kit measures 48"W x 84"H x 41"D overall and contains all necessary gondola parts. The base shelves on both sides are 19 inches deep for added display capacity. Extend the width or build a store aisle by seamlessly incorporating the add-on kit, which includes all required gondola accessories to expand the starter from 48"W to 96"W. For larger aisles, connect more add-on kits; for a 12-foot aisle, use (1) starter kit and (2) add-on kits. The add-on kit mirrors the starter kit components but with one less slotted metal gondola upright, optimizing cost and assembly time.

Explore Various Gondola Shelving Sizes

Discover a range of Lozier island displays in different heights from 48"H to 120"H in 6" increments. Tailor your display further by selecting base shelf depths from 12" to 24"D. Wholesale Store Fixture offers gondola wall displays, a diverse selection of shelves, and accessories. Opt for black gondola shelves and accessories to enhance your store's aesthetic.

Enhance Display with Gondola Signage Options

Elevate your merchandising game with Gondola Aisle Sign Holders, Gondola Toppers, and more! Explore our assortment of gondola sign holders and shelf edge signs to craft unique merchandise displays and boost impulse sales in your store.

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