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Lozier Shelving Double-Sided Starter, Black 48W 72H 47D

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Creating Store Aisles with Lozier Black Metal Gondola Shelving

Discover an easy and cost-effective way to build store aisles with our Lozier Black Metal Gondola Shelving, available in starter and add-on units. To initiate, select a starter unit and seamlessly extend your aisle by connecting add-on units until you reach the desired length. For instance, if aiming for a 20-foot aisle, purchase 1 starter and 4 add-on units. These units effortlessly interconnect through built-in grooves. This new black gondola shelving display, a budget-friendly retail metal store fixture from Wholesale Store Fixture, serves store design layouts with a heavy-duty structure designed to support substantial weight. Featuring black melamine laminated MDF wood pegboard panels, it provides both quality and affordability. Being a double-sided gondola, it is ideal for creating store aisles or retail island displays, capable of supporting various products, including glass-packaged wine bottles and heavy liquid items.

Our modular retail shelving system is available in starter and add-on sections, allowing you to assemble a complete store's worth of gondola shelving. Constructed from durable black metal with a high-temperature-baked polyester finish, it not only looks beautiful but also stands up to wear. The starter unit boasts two vertical gondola uprights with slots for shelves. The dimensions are 48" wide by 72" high, and 47" deep overall, featuring two 22" deep base shelves positioned 6" above the floor. The add-on unit, attachable to the starter unit, contains the same components as the starter but with a single upright, as uprights are shared between adjacent island gondola shelving units.

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