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Lozier Gondola Double-Sided Starter, platinum 36W 54H 35D

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Effortless Convenience Store Makeover with Lozier platinum Gondola Shelving

Upgrade your store layout without breaking the bank with authentic Lozier platinum gondola shelving from Wholesale Store Fixture. Discover our range of convenience store shelving and liquor store wine racks, all available at wholesale prices. As a top player in gondola shelving, Lozier delivers durable and commercial-grade products with its robust all-steel industrial construction. Choose from a diverse array of units with varying finishes, heights, and configurations.

Stylish Island Displays for Liquor & C-Stores

Transform your store with our double-sided gondola shelving unit, perfect for aisle displays or replacing existing fixtures. Crafted with platinum finished baked-on polyester for longevity and scratch resistance, this retail wall display features 100% steel slotted uprights allowing easy insertion of Lozier shelves. With a weight capacity of 500 lbs. in the flat position, it's ideal for showcasing wine bottles and heavy items. Lozier platinum metal gondola shelves are sold separately. This unit also accommodates additional accessories like Wholesale Store Fixture's continuous wire baskets, wood crate dump bins, cross bars, peghooks, and more, all available separately.

Upgrade or Expand Your Retail Shelving

Enhance your retail shelving with our island gondola boasting 16-inch deep bases for added display capacity. Available in two versions, both measuring 36W x 54H x 35D overall. The starter unit, functioning independently or as the initial building block for any length aisle, includes pegboard panels, 2 vertical slotted uprights, base decks, and fronts. Our add-on unit, attachable to the starter, effortlessly expands your space by four feet, seamlessly connecting using built-in grooves. Crafting any aisle length is a breeze – for a 15-foot aisle, purchase one 36W starter unit and four 36W add-on units. These units are simple to assemble, requiring no tools. Connect 3-foot and 4-foot wide units to create almost any aisle length.

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