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The Male Jersey Half Form is designed to present men's garments with a realistic and attractive display. Available in two versions, these half forms offer a versatile solution for showcasing various types of apparel.

The variant with a wooden base comes with a maple wood neck block, providing a natural and classic aesthetic. This base is sturdy and stable, suitable for retail settings that aim for a traditional or rustic look.

The variant with a metal base features a metal neck block and a chrome base, lending a sleek and contemporary touch to the display. This version is ideal for modern retail spaces or where a more industrial style is preferred.

These half forms are perfect for displaying men's clothing such as shirts, jackets, and sweaters, making them a valuable addition to boutiques, clothing stores, or fashion exhibitions.


Jersey Half Form (Male) with Wooden Base

  • White finish
  • Maple wood neck block
  • Comes with a round base for stability

Jersey Half Form (Male) with Metal Base

  • White finish
  • Metal neck block
  • Features a chrome base

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