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Hanging Sneeze Guard For Nail Salon Beauty Spa, Acrylic 24 x 32H

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What Are Nail Salon Hanging Sneeze Guard Shield Requirements?

A hanging plastic divider shield or sneeze guard barrier should be used at your nail salon, day spa or beauty salon parlor to separate store employees and technicians from customers and clients. A hanging sneeze guard is ideal to help protect both your employees and customers while still allowing interaction and beauty treatments to occur between them. Washable clear divider panels that separate people help to establish a sense of cleanliness and reinforce your commitment to health & safety requirements. Hanging sneeze guards that are suspended above the pedicure chairs are a low-cost retail solution to the social distancing challenge. This item is a commercial-grade acrylic panel cough & sneeze guard that can be used hanging above the chairs, tables, desks, and salon checkout counters. 

Use Pedicure Sneeze Guard Shields For Health & Safety Regulations  

Sneeze guard guidelines and regulations generally require that they create a barrier between employees and other people or customers. This reduces the chance of contamination and helps slow down the spread of disease. Consideration should be given as to where a customer's face will be when they are sitting in the pedicure chair in relation to where the nail technician's face will be. Generally, to effectively work on the feet, a technician will be closer than the recommended 6 feet social distance. Usually, hanging sneeze guards or shields are positioned directly above the pedicure chair so that it is close to the technician's face but high enough so that a customer can get their feet underneath it. Hanging sneeze guards can also be placed above other transactional surfaces such as tabletops and countertops or display cases. Check with your local health department sneeze guard requirements for additional information.  

What Is The Best Material For A Hanging Sneeze Guard Or Personal Health Shield? 

The best material for sneeze guards is washable and clear so that there is an unobstructed view. Sneeze guard materials include plastic, tempered glass or acrylic. For portable sneeze guards, acrylic is recommended to keep weight down. This item is constructed out of solid acrylic plex and is for sale as a complete kit. It includes a 1/8 inch thick solid acrylic panel. The panel measures 24 inches wide by 32 inches tall. This sneeze guard can be placed hung above any chair or tabletop. The unit is designed to hang from a drop ceiling grid. Unit supplied with two ceiling grid clips, two adjustable airplane wire cable sets and two "S" hooks. The hanging hardware cable sets have a maximum hang length of 14 feet. The weight of this unit is approximately 6 lbs. Simple to clean - use a soft cloth and soapy water only. Do not use scouring compounds or chemical glass cleaners as they may harm surface.