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The Cap Display is a floor-standing unit designed to showcase caps and hats in a retail environment. With a height of 64 inches and a 26-inch base, it provides ample space for displaying a variety of headwear. The 4-tier design allows for each tier to hold 10-12 caps, with a total capacity of up to 48 caps, making it ideal for large selections.

The spinning feature ensures easy browsing, allowing customers to view and select caps from all angles. The black finish adds a modern touch, while the included signholder offers a spot for adding product information or promotional material. This display is suitable for retail stores, boutiques, or any setting where caps and hats are featured. Its multi-tier design and spinning functionality make it a convenient and effective solution for cap display needs.


  • Overall height: 64 inches
  • Base width: 26 inches
  • Includes a signholder for product information or branding
  • 4-tier design, with each tier fitting 10-12 caps
  • Total capacity: Holds up to 48 caps
  • Black finish for a sleek appearance

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