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The 4 Tier Spinner provides a flexible solution for displaying various hanging merchandise. With a height of 64 inches and a 24-inch base, it offers a stable platform for showcasing a range of products, from accessories to small packaged items. The 6-inch prongs, with 7 1/2 inches of space between them, provide plenty of room to organize merchandise, allowing customers to easily browse the display.

The four tiers are spaced 12 inches apart, giving you the flexibility to display items of varying lengths without crowding. The tier-support clamps ensure that each tier remains secure and stable, even under heavy use. The included signholder is a convenient addition, allowing you to add product information or promotional material to the display.

With its robust wire construction, the 4 Tier Spinner is designed to withstand frequent use in busy retail environments. Its spinning mechanism provides easy access to all sides of the display, enhancing the customer experience. This spinner is ideal for retail stores, trade shows, or any setting where a compact and efficient display solution is needed.


  • Overall height: 64 inches
  • Base diameter: 24 inches
  • Four tiers, with each tier 12 inches apart for optimal spacing
  • 6-inch prongs with 7 1/2 inches of space between hooks
  • Includes a signholder for product information or branding

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