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The 2 Tier Spinner is designed to offer a versatile and space-saving display solution. With a height of 30 inches and a 12-inch base, it can fit on countertops or tables, making it ideal for retail settings with limited space. The 6-inch prongs provide ample room for hanging various items, while the 7 1/2-inch spacing ensures proper organization and easy browsing.

The two tiers are spaced 12 inches apart, allowing for a variety of display options. The spinning feature makes it convenient for customers to view items from different angles, enhancing the shopping experience. Additionally, the included signholder provides a place for adding product information, pricing, or branding, further enhancing the display's versatility.

Whether used for displaying accessories, jewelry, or other small retail items, the 2 Tier Spinner is a functional and attractive addition to any retail environment. Its compact design and spinning mechanism make it an excellent choice for maximizing display space.


  • Overall height: 30 inches
  • Base diameter: 12 inches
  • 6-inch prongs with 7 1/2-inch spacing for optimal organization
  • Two tiers spaced 12 inches apart
  • Includes a signholder for easy labeling or product information

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