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Retail Wine Displays

Creative Wine Displays Expand Your Ability to Feature Best Sellers

Showcase your favorite wines with style and sophistication! Wine display provides unique and creative ways to store, display, and serve your wine selections. Wine is one of the very demanding categories which is very tricky at the same time. There are far too many types and varieties on the market to list them all and their displays can be quite challenging. For successful inventory turns and revenue flow, merchandise your most well-liked and lucrative wine products.

How can you highlight the wine you want to sell more of in such a manner that will catch customers' eyes and encourage them to buy?

For your retail wine displays, Wholesale Store Fixture has a solution that can be added on or fits into your existing gondola configuration. This smart method makes use of standard Lozier 3′ and 4′ gondola by adding a number of specialty shelving elements. These parts retrofit any current Lozier store gondola and can be used on end caps, wall gondolas, or island sections. These shelf elements are made especially to hold regular wine bottles on display. They consist of:

  • Bottle holders; the bottle holders enable bottles to be displayed vertically at eye level for customers, emphasizing on the label.
  • The Bottle Crate; These four metal panels create a crate that contains over 30 bottles when used with a typical 16′′ shelf.
  • Wine cradle; up to 10 bottles are displayed on an angle in a wine cradle, which rapidly draws the buyer's attention.

The versatility of these three elements allows you to create a wide range of display arrangements that support your merchandising objectives. These elements position the wine bottles in the customer's field of sight, where they will perform at their peak. Add a colored backing board, like cherry or maple, to increase the effect and usefulness even further. To increase storage, a drawer that slides under the base deck is also available. When combined with a typical end cap device, a display that will work well is simple to set up. Explore the retail wine showcase gallery below to learn more about these special shelf elements.

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