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Store resets

The Highest Store Reset Compliance Standards in the Industry: 100% at Every Location!

Reaching the Ultimate Level of Compliance: 100% at Every Location! At this time of limited resources and strict deadlines, it is essential to have a reliable and experienced associate for your retail store reset. Wholesale Store Fixture strives to attain this status by providing quality service.

This company can assist you with putting up fixtures, moving them to a new location, taking them down, arranging products in a planogram, replacing shelf tags, restocking items, introducing new products to the shelves, and setting up promotional displays.

Wholesale store fixture is aware of the complexity of a store reset and make sure to plan carefully and provide specialized training to ensure full adherence. We take your instructions and time frames very seriously and strive to deliver satisfactory results.

For over three decades, Wholesale Store Fixture has been providing store resets for major retailers with a 100% compliance guarantee at every location. We are the only retail services company that makes such a promise, setting us apart from our competitors in terms of project standards.

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Store Reset Project Gallery

The Wholesale Store Fixture team has been performing store resets for major retailers for the past 28 years. During this time we have developed the highest project compliance standards in the retail industry: 100% compliance at every location you entrust to us. No other company in the retail services industry makes such a promise. We are so sure of achieving this worthy goal on your projects that we guarantee it! The only way to accomplish this is through laser-like focus on getting the job done right; we call it Relentless Execution. Continue below to learn what we mean…

What is Relentless Execution?

Wholes Sale Store guarantees 100% compliance on all projects entrusted to our team

  • We will complete each project location to the agreed upon project scope of work
  • We will return to a project site to fix or complete issues caused by our omissions or mistakes at no cost to you.
  • We will diligently work with your team to identify and solve issues and problems which are outside our control and finish the project in a timely manner.

The only acceptable outcome of any project we work on is 100% compliance!
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