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Retail Fixtures

Wholesale Store & Fixture Can Help You Find and Install the Best Fixtures for Your Store

Choosing retail fixtures to match the needs of your showroom or sales floor can be a challenge. There are a many options to consider while designing your store including floor footprint, customer flow, merchandising size, sign, and display needs, and many more. In this hyper-competitive marketplace, making the right decision on store fixtures is critical. Our team of experts can help you design a profitable store environment and supply the fixtures that effectively sell your products.

Lozier Gondola Shelving

Lozier is the retail industry leader for high quality gondola shelving and accessories. In-stock for immediate delivery

  • Wall, island, end caps & specialty gondola
  • Strong, flexible and durable
  • Available in heights from 3′ to 13′ tall
  • Base deck depths: 16″, 19″ and 22″ deep
  • High weight capacity per shelf
  • Stocked in black, silver and platinum

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Retail Counters

We can help you create effective retail counters for convenience, liquor, hardware, industrial supply, and pharmacy stores

  • Checkouts, beverage, and food stations
  • Solid plywood constructed cabinets
  • Modular design that is easily customized
  • Full pallet of laminate colors available
  • Candy shelf and display case designs
  • LED lights available to increase impulse sales

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Walk-In Cooler Shelving

Walk-in cooler shelving allows you to stock and display more brand variety, larger selection and easily maintain stocking inventory.

  • PowerShelf Cooler Door System
  • Heavy-Duty Beer Cave Shelving
  • Vault Wire Cooler Shelving
  • Mobile Mule Dollies
  • Wide Span Racking
  • Mobile MWalk-In Cooler Gondola Shelvingule Dollies
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When designing a fixture plan, it can be easy to get frustrated and lose sight of what you really need: Quality store fixtures that will attract customers and last a long time. The experts at Wholesale Store & Fixture can help walk you through the store development process to help you select retail fixtures will most effective sell your products.

Supplying Store Fixtures to All Retail Markets

Convenience Stores

Convenience Stores

Grocery Stores

Pharmacy Stores

Industrial Supply

We are One of the Nation’s Largest Lozier Gondola Shelving Distributors

Stocking three popular colors for quick delivery: Platinum Beige, Charcoal Black and Silver Gray

Wall Gondola

Island Gondola

End Cap Gondola

Lozier Shelves

Lozier shelving has been the leading manufacturer of retail store fixtures since 1955. Their products are the easy-to-install solution for maximizing the flow of your store with the ability to change your shelving configuration at almost any time. If you have a grocery, pharmacy, hardware, or convenience store Wholesale Store Fixture has a wide assortment of gondola shelving, sizes, and colors from which to choose. You can shop gondola shelving online here. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours to meet your scheduled fixture installation date. Our team is here to answer any of your questions about what size will best fit your space and give you the best solution to fit your products and merchandise.

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Maximize Customer Experience with Effective Sales Counters

We can design, supply and install counters for every type of store. Custom or stock designs available

Sales Counters

Convenience Store Checkouts

Food & Beverage Islands

Work Station Sales Counters

From the first impression coming into the last one as they exit the store, your checkout counter is one of the major store fixtures that affect the customer’s experience. Not only is it where the transaction takes place and loyal customers are nurtured, but it can also be the most profitable section of real estate in your stores.

 The Wholesale Store & Fixture team can assist you in the development and creation of an effective retail counter configuration. We can show you how to design a retail counter system that will lead to a higher transaction value for each customer. We can custom make any type of counters to fit your market or you can select from our most popular model designs to save time and money.

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What are Retail Fixtures?

Retail Fixtures are is the heart and soul of your store merchandising. Commonly known as gondola shelving, these units are the guideposts throughout your store that make up the aisles, islands, and visual monuments which customer use to navigate through your store. Retail fixtures are island shelving displays that will do these three things at once:

  • Easily suggest products to your customers
  • Showcase products that customers didn’t know existed
  • Add to the joy of your customer’s in-store experience

When integrated into a well-conceived store floor plan, gondola shelving can be utilized to control what you want to sell. Everyone knows the function of an endcap gondola unit is to feature a product that stimulates an impulse buy. But how many of us are still drawn into the purchase? A standard Lozier standard gondola shelving holds 500 pounds of inventory. Many times the key to better in-store sales is having the right amount of product on each shelf. What this means is you can stock a wide variety of merchandise across your product lines in larger quantities. This minimizes the need for restocking and encourages your customers to serve themselves. Simply put, whether you are having a total location remodel or are simply refreshing your gondola shelving, Wholesale Store Fixture can help you. We have executed thousands of retail store remodels in many vast array industries including pet stores, auto supply, grocery, specialty stores, welding supply, drywall yards, convenience stores and roofing supply branches. Our skilled team of designers and installers can lead you through the entire store remodel process from site surveys, floor layout design, fixture selection, sales counter design and project construction. We typically turn around your in about a week with very little to no down time…and that includes merchandising. Contact the Wholesale Store & Fixture  experts today to learn more at 248-404-0149.

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