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Our Store Refresh Process

Save thousands of dollars on interior with just Store Refresh.

What distinguishes a full-scale retail redesign from our store refresh programme? Let's start with money. The expenditures associated with shifting plumbing, changing electricity, or building walls will be more for a whole store redesign. Each of these building components needs architects, engineers, inspectors, and permits, which raises the project's cost significantly. Because it does not include these pricey upgrades, a shop refresh is far less expensive. The most important aspect of a shop refresh is simply making minor adjustments to areas that customers will notice and use. This covers floors, walls, décor graphics, beverage/coffee stations, checkout counters, and gondola shelving. These things normally don't need permits or inspections, so you won't have to worry about adding further expenses to your budget. Our team has created a 6-step store refresh programme that will provide you significant enhancements to the interior sales floor without incurring any additional expenditures. You may get everything you need for a new shop image that will increase your profitability for many years with a Wholesale Store Fixture store refresh.

Step 1: In Store Site Survey:

The in-store site survey is essential for determining the current size, condition, and needs of a business. It will also meet with managers to discuss vision, sales trends, traffic flow, and brainstorm refresh ideas. The results will be used to create a full report. The survey includes:

  • Create Detailed Survey Report
  • Inspect Current Conditions and Uncover Potential Issues
  • Inventory Critical Equipment and Displays
  • Measure and Photograph Interior of Store
  • Meet with Owner and Management to Discuss and Brainstorm

Step 2: New Floor Plan Design

We will design a new floor plan using the information and data gathered during the site survey. We will create a detailed drawing to show the location of all gondolas, counters, and displays. After review, we will have several consulting conference calls to refine the plan. Our goal is to create a store plan that meets the needs of the market and evolves with the business.

  • Analyze current customer flow
  • Analyze Product Category Sales Trends
  • Consultation conference calls for reviews and changes
  • Create new floor plan design
  • Review current marketing and display assets
  • Review fuel/ wholesale supplier branding requirements
  • Review Survey Findings

Step 3: Select Your Style and Materials

The store refresh program involves selecting elements and materials to create a look and feel that engages customers. Concept designs, styles, colors and configurations are suggested to communicate the value offering to the market.

  • Gondola color, size, and design options
  • Configuration, style, and color options for checkout
  • Decide on the configuration, design, and color of the coffee/beverage counter.
  • Choose a décor bundle with signs.
  • Choose your wall's and accent colors.
  • Decide on a flooring color and design.

Step 4: Developing the Project Scope & Logistics Planning

The on-site execution is essential for efficiently refreshing a store and includes finalizing the floor plan, material selections, and project pricing. Our team will create a detailed scope of work and discuss logistic issues to ensure you are prepared for the refresh team and materials.

  • Complete the floor plan
  • Complete the material choices and list.
  • Make a project cost proposal.
  • Create the project's work schedule.
  • Create a construction timetable for the project.
  • Create a strategy for execution's logistics

Step 5: Store Refresh Execution

Our team will arrive at your store, receive materials, and execute the agreed upon scope of work. They will remove and replace existing items and materials in sections, moving from section to section each night to maintain customer shop ability

  • Keep open-store shopping possible
  • Work done in pieces that are sequential
  • Nighttime construction
  • Meetings with the owner or management each day to discuss progress
  • Install new merchandise in accordance with the floor design and remove any outdated fixtures and materials.
  • Every day, tidy up and take out the garbage

Step 6: Perform Periodic Maintenance and Resets

Our team of merchandisers can repair gondola and counter issues, clean shelving and reset products to keep the store looking like new. 83% of shoppers say a clean store environment influences which store they shop.

  • Cleaning and organizing
  • Display maintenance
  • Scheduled maintenance of gondola, counters, and displays

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Our team understands the unique demands of your retail sales counters and checkouts

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Retail counters are a balance of form and function and we work with you to achieve it

Quality Construction

We build your counters using the highest quality materials so they last for many years

Professional Installation

Our team of professional installers can setup your counters precisely and efficeintly

Our team can design, build and install an effective retail counter system that leads to higher transaction value for every customer. We can develop a wide range of counter styles and configurations that allows you to leverage your available space, integrate with store fixtures, and establish your store’s brand personality.

 We can build your retail counters to the specific details of your floor plan, branding assets, storage, security, and display needs. We also consider the mechanical needs of your setup including wiring for IT Networking, landline phones, and electrical requirements.

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