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What We Can Do For You

About Wholesale Store Fixture: What we can do for you

We Facilitate You to Accomplish the Peak Performance for Your Project Ideas

In other words, when you choose the Wholesale Store team, you can be sure that you will get a dependable partner who will make sure that the in-store retail project is completed exactly as planned. We are dedicated to achieving 100% compliance execution on every task that we are assigned.

We are so confident in our process that we provide a 100% Compliance Guarantee for all of our products and services which includes Custom Fine Cabinetry and Retail Construction via AutoCad for faster production.

Retail Services

The wholesale team offers customized, strategic and scalable retail services and project management to suit the specific needs of your in-store objectives. We provide a comprehensive selection of ready-made solutions.

  • Store Remodels
  • New Store Setup
  • Nationwide Rollouts
  • Product Resets
  • Display Installation
  • Fixture Installation

Our project management team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service to ensure success in the retail sector. Our services span all 50 states and include in-store installation and merchandising. Our qualified installers and merchandisers have been assisting leading retailers,we work on AutoCad to design and draft your wood crafts.

Retail Fixtures

We provide high-grade and long lasting store fixtures that draw in customers. Let the specialists at Wholesale Store Fixture assist you in selecting the right units and setup to maximize your product sales.

  • Wall Gondola
  • Island Gondola
  • End Cap Gondola
  • Liquor Wall Shelving
  • Wine Displays
  • Wide Span Racking
  • Walk-in Cooler Racking
  • Sales Counters & Checkouts
  • Coffee & Beverage Islands

We have a vast inventory of Lozier Gondola and shelving in our warehouse of 15,000 square feet. We are always ready for quick delivery which are available in two colors; Platinum and Black

Retail Construction

Be it creating new stores, remodeling, or upgrading existing ones the Wholesale Store construction services team has the expertise to implement any type of project. Your plans turn into reality with WSF. We have experience with major renovation projects conducted within the scope of General Contractor phasing plans. Our services include:

  • Fixture Installation
  • Millwork Installation
  • Decor Installation
  • Equipment Placement
  • Wall Protection Installation
  • Product Recieving & Check-in

Our team is committed to Relentless Execution, guaranteeing that scopes are completed on time and within budget to meet opening dates. We take pride in meeting timelines and delivering on our promises, aiming for 100% accuracy with less "fudge factor".

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