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Mule Dolly Features

Increase restocking productivity and lower the risk of lifting injuries with the use of a Mule Dollies.
Mule Dollies are essential for any beer cave or walk-in cooler. They are four-wheeled flatbeds with weight capacities of 350 lbs. (jumbo) or 250 lbs. (mini). The 6 lb. Dollies make it easy and safe for employees to move products quickly and easily, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of injury from heavy lifting. The glass-filled nylon construction and reinforced ribs provide strength and durability, while the full-rotation castors allow for versatile layouts. Mule Dollies can be hooked together for large movable displays.

A complete Solution

Mule Dollies can be connected to Beer Cave and Vault Shelving to create a complete system for organizing and stocking products in a walk-in cooler.

Improve Stocking Efficiency

Having a well-sorted cooler that is easily accessible to reach items from the back stock is essential for making the most of staff effort. By using Mule Dollies, employees can do more stocking with less effort in a shorter amount of time.

Reduce Back Injury

With Mule Dollies, there is no longer a need for strenuous twisting and lifting. Products can be quickly and safely rolled from the stack to the shelf, eliminating the risk of back injuries and saving employee’s time.

Mule Dolly Features

Mule Dollies come in two sizes: Mini-Mule (10.5”w x 16.25”L; holds up to 250 lbs.) and Jumbo-Mule (14”W x 18.5”L; holds up to 350 lbs.). These dollies can be used to transport cases of water, sports and energy drinks, beer and seltzer, and more. They also have J-hooks, so they can be combined with other ADCO dollies to create a portable storage system. Handle sets are also available, making it easy to move the dollies within a beverage cooler or retail store.

Mule Dollies are built to perform

  • Reduce heavy-lifting injuries with a portable storage system
  • 250-lbs. storage capacity
  • Tough and impact resistant material
  • Solid steel J-hooks
  • A pull handle available
  • Ability to connect to other Dollies for quick access to inventory
  • Move products effortlessly
  • Increase stocking efficiency with this reliable storage solution

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