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Lozier Hand Sanitizer Display

Lozier Hand Sanitizer Stand Display

Keep your customers safe & happy with Lozier's hand sanitizer stand display! Our convenient display has a large capacity for your bottles of hand sanitizer, making it easy for customers to quickly apply and be on their way. With its modern design and easy assembly, Lozier's hand sanitizer stand display is the perfect solution for your business. Keep your customers safe, healthy, and happy. Keep your customers safe with the Lozier Hand Sanitizer Stand Display, upgrade to durable design that will last. This attractive and practical display holds up bottles of hand sanitizer for easy access. With the sleek design, this display will be a great addition to any business. Reduce the risk of germs and viruses spreading by providing customers with easy access to hand sanitizer. While it is 74" tall and has a footprint that is only 17" x 19", it commands attention. It comes with a sign holder that fits into the stand and is 12" by 24" to convey your safety or marketing message. Every stand comes with a basic graphic sign that can be simply altered to show off your branding. Each product includes a high-quality Ecolab touch-free dispenser and a foamy hand sanitizer cartridge that is disinfectant. You may provide consumers with a continuous hand cleaning station as soon as they enter your store by using refill cartridges.

  • Sanitizer Stand Unit is 74” tall
  • Tubular Steel Construction
  • Double Uprite Post Design
  • Compact Footprint – 17”w x 19”d
  • Stable Weighted Base
  • Sign Holder – Displays 12”w x 24”h Graphics
  • Includes Standard Safety Graphic
  • Includes EcoLab NEXA® Touch-Free Dispenser
  • Includes NEXA® Sanitizing Foam Cartridge
  • Sanitizing Foam Cartridge Refills are Available

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