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Liquor Store Shelving

Establish a strong customer base by providing high quality liquor store shelving

The right shelving for your liquor store is the key for showcasing a wide variety of wine, beer and liquor. At Wholesale Store Fixture the team of professionals can provide assistance in selecting, procuring, and setting up the ideal shelving, racks, and cases to display your products in a way that will encourage customers to always choose you.

Liquor Wall Shelving

Utilize your wall to exhibit and sell liquor Having a well-stocked liquor wall is one of the most important features of your store, in addition to your selection of bottled spirits, wine, and beer. Customers are loyal to stores that offer a wide choice of their preferred brands. Gondola shelving has been the most efficient way to showcase these products.

A selection of strong, stable, and secure shelving units are available with a wide range of upright heights and ample bottle stocking capacity. Metal and wood ladders are also available.

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Gondola Shelving & Racking

Creating a pleasant atmosphere that encourages customers to explore various products and to make purchases, is the first step in providing an enjoyable customer experience.

A wide range of heights and sizes are available, with each shelf that can hold up to 500lbs. This system is highly adjustable, allowing you to make the most of your merchandising space.

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Walk-In Cooler Shelving

Walk-in cooler shelving allows you to stock and display more brand variety, larger selection and easily maintain stocking inventory.

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Counters & Display Cases

Increase average basket size by leveraging impulse purchases during checkout with smart counter ideas.

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Liquor Sote Design & Installation 

Schedule a Virtual Consultation to discuss your new store or remodel. Share your Plan with us and we will help to you create a profitable store.

How Wholesale Store Fixture Can Help

Our team can help you design the layout for your store, and suggest the most suitable shelves and displays that will match your store's aesthetics and meet the demands of your customers. We can provide you with all the necessary parts you need to open your store. This includes:

  • Wood & Metal Track Ladders
  • Double Rivet Shelving
  • Gondola Liquor Walls
  • Glass Display Showcases
  • Custom Checkout Counters
  • Craft Beer Shelving
  • LED Accent Lighting
  • Island Gondola Runs & End Caps
  • Beer Cave Shelving
  • Counter top glasses

Our team of installation professionals can help you bring your store to life in accordance with your floor plan. From start to finish, we are your go-to for setting up a successful and long-lasting liquor store.

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Liquor Store Solutions Examples

North Lake Country Store

Gondola shelving and liquor wall for new construction of neighborhood market

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Mega-Bev Liquor Stores

Checkout, display cases and gondola shelving for 6,000 sq ft liquor store

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The Booze Barn

Liquor wall with LED lights, gondola and beer cave racking for converted Taco Bell space

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To create loyal customers, you need a liquor display that has a maximum holding capacity. A liquor wall built with Lozier gondola shelving is the most effective solution. Lozier store fixtures have a long history of providing liquor stores and wine shops with affordable, high-quality shelving. With a liquor wall display, you require the most flexible, durable, and highest holding capacity available. Lozier gondola can hold up to 500lbs per shelf and with a 4′ wide x 19″ deep shelf, you can stock up to 70 or more bottles depending on size. Our liquor store shelving is available in a full range of sizes in three stock colors: charcoal black, silver gray, or platinum beige. Whether you are looking for liquor store shelving for behind your counter, floor island gondolas, or end caps we can find what you need to achieve your sales goals.

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Do you need assistance selecting the right liquor store shelving? Schedule a free virtual consultation to get help.
Set up an appointment with one of our gondola shelving professionals and we can assist you in designing the ideal gondola setup for your establishment.

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Let Our Team Help You Design the Best Retail Counters for Your Store

Product Knowledge

Our team understands the unique demands of your retail sales counters and checkouts

Design Expertise

Retail counters are a balance of form and function and we work with you to achieve it

Quality Construction

We build your counters using the highest quality materials so they last for many years

Professional Installation

Our team of professional installers can setup your counters precisely and efficeintly

Our team can design, build and install an effective retail counter system that leads to higher transaction value for every customer. We can develop a wide range of counter styles and configurations that allows you to leverage your available space, integrate with store fixtures, and establish your store’s brand personality.

 We can build your retail counters to the specific details of your floor plan, branding assets, storage, security, and display needs. We also consider the mechanical needs of your setup including wiring for IT Networking, landline phones, and electrical requirements.

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