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Lozier Island Gondola

Leverage Island Gondola Shelving to Maximize Your Merchandising Power

Island gondola is the workhorse of a well designed retail sales floor. These double side fixtures make it easy to create strategic aisles of merchandise so customers can find what they are shopping for.

Organizing product in logical departments is essential for maximizing customer experience and island gondola provides you the flexibility to do just that. Island gondola is available in many different combinations of heights, widths, and depths to fit any type of packaging you offer. Your product planogram options are considerable with the ability to hang products on hooks, setting on shelves or integrating custom displays.

Islands Offer High Capacity

Island gondola has outstanding merchandising capacity and can hold up to 500lb per shelf when properly installed. With 22″ base decks you can display large packaging as well.

Islands are Adaptable

Consider this style of gondola as a blank canvas for your sales floor. You can adapt it to any planograms by adding custom displays, product on hooks, or set your wares on shelves.

Islands Control Customer Flow

Gondola runs are most effective at establishing customer flow through your store. Well place gondola runs create aisles which allow you to pursuasivelly guide shoppers to the sale.

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