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Hand Sanitizer Stands

Built to Withstand the Toughest Store Environment

An efficient method to communicate to your consumers the value you place on their health and safety is to place hand sanitizer stands at each entrance to your business. There may be multiple stands in your stores right now. How are they faring in the midst of this persistent pandemic? They are most certainly in terrible condition. The issue is that many sanitizer stand types can't handle the demands of busy retail settings. They frequently consist of a thin metal plate attached to a single, broomstick-shaped pole. Soon they won't be able to stand up straight due to a few bumps from a cart or an unsupervised toddler playing with it. They are eventually thrown into the dumpster at the back of the house. Customers have a strong need for hand sanitizer, therefore it's time to switch to a more robust design that will last. We offer two robust designs that are made to withstand the most demanding retail environment.

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