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Half Wall Construction

Strategically located divider walls is an effective way to reduce the risk of Coronavirus transmission and promote social distancing in stores. These walls, also known as half walls, pony walls or knee walls, are usually around four feet tall and can be used to install gondola shelving sections to leverage the space for merchandising and sales. Retailers must consider how safety upgrades can also increase sales.

Where is the best location for the new half wall?

It is vital to consider where to place a half wall when you are reorganizing your sales floor. It may not be immediately obvious where it should go, but here are some areas you should think about.

Adjacent main entrance door

Positioning a sign near the entrances or exits to the primary shopping areas can direct customers and help ensure the appropriate social distancing is maintained. It is essential to abide by the local building and fire regulations and make sure all the necessary inspections and approvals have been obtained.

Unused Checkout Lanes

Taking away an extra checkout line presents a chance to widen the existing lanes or make more room for displays. A partition can be put in place to guide customers through the new space.

Between Product Category Department

If your store has any spots that are creating difficulties for your customers, you could construct a half wall before or after that area to make it easier for customers to pass through and keep the flow of traffic going.

Waiting Areas

Half walls can be a great way to create a sense of space in a store while providing customers with an inviting place to stay and observe proper distancing. The Wholesale Store & Fixture team specializes in constructing half walls that meet any specifications, from framing and drywall to electrical/data lines and finish trim. They can even provide the shelves you need for extra sales, or help with store refresh or remodeling. Let us help you make the most of your space.

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