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Gondola Relocation

Create More Space & Better Traffic Flow with Our Gondola Relocation Services

Whole Store Fixture offers a fast and economical way to help you with moving fixtures and gondolas for a store reset or renovation. We possess the necessary tools and know-how to transport extensive sections of fully-loaded floor gondolas with merchandise. We are able to move any length of section, ranging from 8 feet up to more than 60 feet.

Only an experienced retail services company should be trusted to mobilize the fixtures in a completely stocked store. We have extensive experience in relocating full gondolas in retail stores. WSF staff and equipment are ready to work with you to ensure a smooth move that will save time and money.

The advantages of skating your fully-loaded fixtures include:increased mobility, improved agility, and enhanced stability with help of minimizing labor expenditure by using a swift and effective mobilization procedure to move any size section of gondolas, while avoiding unloading and rearranging fixtures, missing bin tags, and damaged product or packaging.

This relocation teams can quickly and efficiently move your store's fixtures and relocate them in a short amount of time. We can also perform the move overnight when the store is closed so that avoids any business being affected. Additionally WSF is able to reset products and update any planograms that are part of a larger initiative or store renovation.

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The Stages of a Gondola Section Relocation

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