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EZ Sneeze Guards

Secure the Safety of Your Customers and Employees with a High-Grade EZ Sneeze Guard

It is essential to ensure the safety of both customers and employees during this difficult time. A barrier of protection, such as an EZ Sneeze Guard, provides a quick and cost-effective solution to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. This portable, clear physical separation at checkout counters, reception desks, and office workstations is essential for trust and peace of mind.

Wholesale Store Fixture offers three options for your checkout area:

  • A portable, free-standing counter model
  • A hanging version that suspends from your above the counter
  • A premium portable unit with adjustable connectors

Our premium sneeze guard offers excellent stability and can be reconfigured to fit your office or reception area. It has durable metal connectors and clear acrylic panels with finished edges, plus a protective channel finish at the bottom. This freestanding model stands 42” high from the top of the counter. It also has wide-based legs and comes with double-sided tape to add stability and prevent sliding. The hanging sneeze guard model is held up by a Grip lock Cable System, allowing you to adjust the height. Professional installation services are also available.

Wholesale Store Fixture provides professional installation services for your sneeze guards. With over three decades of experience in the retail industry, you can trust that the job will be done correctly.

A portable, free-standing counter model:

An EZ Freestanding Sneeze Guard is a great way to reduce the chances of virus transmission during close contact. This portable shield can be installed at checkout counters, providing a barrier between customers and employees. This is an effective measure to help keep everyone safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Wholesale Store Fixture provides clear acrylic portable sneeze guard and offers durable protection for convenience stores, food markets, and retail shops. It allows transactions to be made without obstruction and has a 14″ high pass-through, making it easy to pass tall wine and liquor bottles. It also features a safety edge guard at the bottom to protect against scratches and provides ample room for customers to place their purchases.

EZ Sneeze Guard – Freestanding Counter Model is made in the USA, smooth with finished edges, durable & stable, transparent, portable & lightweight it has the option of doubled tape on Foot Pads, it has got Foot Pads to resist scratching, easy to assemble. At Wholesale Store Fixture the installation services are available and above all we do custom cut and create all sizes.

Hanging Sneeze Guard:

A hanging version that suspends from your above the counter.

The EZ Hanging Sneeze Guard is a barrier between customers and employees, crafted from clear acrylic with finished edges. It's suspended from the ceiling with a Grip lock cable system, enabling a safe checkout process with minimal intrusion.

The cable system allows you to customize the height for larger items, providing plenty of space for customers to place their purchases. Additionally, a safety edge guard is included at the bottom of each protective panel to ensure customer safety.

Hanging Sneeze Guard is made in the USA it is hung above the Counter Design, it is durable, stable and rigid containing smooth finished edges with bottom safety edge guard. It includes hardware safety and Grip lock cable system with adjustable height above counter top and above all we do custom cut and create all sizes

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