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Retail Electrical Services

Wholesale Store Fixture Electric: Our In-House Team of Retail Electrical Specialists

Many electrical contractors shy away from the retail sector due to its challenging nature. This can include long hours, tight deadlines, working with fixture installers and maneuvering scissor lifts. As a result, they often opt for residential or less demanding commercial projects instead.

Wholesale Store Fixture is expert in assisting retailers to finish their store set-up, renovation, or revamping projects on schedule and within the allocated budget.

WSF electricians are aware of the needs and complexities of retail. They understand that their roles are linked to those of other trades on the project. Numerous new display technologies require electricity, meaning electricians may have to wait for fixture installers to finish their tasks.

At WSF installers and electricians work as a team which has a great benefit of working together from start to finish to ensure the job is completed on time. Our experienced and committed electricians are capable of taking on a variety of tasks;

Store lighting 

Putting in a new showroom and display lights, Doing a full indoor and outdoor LED lighting upgrade Installing new site/parking lot illumination, Fixing existing fluorescent or HID lighting indoors or outdoors, Installing new energy-efficient lighting control systems.

Retail Construction

Commercial and retail electrical services including consulting, planning, design, store remodeling and build outs, as well as power distribution.

Maintenance Service

Electricity restoration services, Fixing or changing lighting controls, switches, and outlets installing and examining, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters Replacing or improving service panels, putting in Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Conducting Thermal Imaging investigations, installing new dedicated power.

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