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Convenience Store Refresh

Have you considered remodeling your convenience store? When was the last time you updated the sales floor or replaced the store fixtures? Does the store look worn and outdated? Many store owners want to update their store to boost sales but find it difficult to plan, manage and carry out the project. Also, a full remodel would require closing the store for some weeks, which would lead to customers shopping elsewhere and a decrease in income.

Challenges of Full Store Remodel:

The cost of a full store remodel can be expensive. This can be a deterrent when considering a store improvement project, as it could result in a loss of customers to competitors. Designing an effective layout and selecting the right materials, fixtures, and décor package is a challenge, and finding a reliable contractor is crucial. However, store improvement need not be costly or disruptive to business. The Wholesale Store Fixture Store Refresh Program offers an alternative solution.

A Turn-key Store Refresh instead of Full Store Remodel:

The difference between a store refresh and a full store remodel is that a refresh consists of cosmetic changes to elements that engage customers, like store fixtures, gondola shelving, checkout counters, flooring, walls, and décor graphics. These usually don't require permits or inspections.

A full remodel, on the other hand, involves renovating or adding walls, changing electrical or moving plumbing, and requires architects, engineers, permits, and inspections. At Wholesale Store Fixture, we have a six-step turn-key program for convenience store refreshes that is cost-effective and quick. We work on customized plans; your design, planning, material selection and we take care of construction and maintenance.

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