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Bullet Proofs


Ensure the Safety of your office, workplace, business or any facility by installing Bullet Proof Glass. 

The key to successful bullet proof barriers is the selection of the right type of bulletproof glass which is its key component. You choose your bulletproof glass, we design for you the bullet proof barriers. Remember it’s as important as you select for ballistic doors, frames and accessories like talk thru ports.

Wholesale Store Fixture provides a wide array of bullet-resistant glazing choices, such as acrylic, polycarbonate, glass-reinforced polycarbonate, and insulated glass to manufacture bullet proof checkout counters, displays and many other products used by the business.

Our products are tested to meet UL Safety Standard from 1 – 8 that means they can offer ballistic protection from a 9mm to a 12 Gauge. When selecting the right glazing for your project, it is important to consider the risk factors, workplace design, and daily operations. Wholesale Store Fixture is designated to protect both the building and maintain its aesthetic appeal.

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