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Aisle Realignment

Aisle Realignment

Essential for creating a safe environment for customers: Aisle realignment in stores to improve social distancing.
A study by ICSC reports that 65% of shoppers are attempting to reduce contact with others while in stores while 48% are more comfortable when stores have implemented social distancing measures. To promote customer safety and confidence, retailers must adhere to these protective measures.
 *ICSC: International Council of Shopping Centers
To increase shopping space, realign gondola shelving and widen aisles. Analyze customer traffic flow and identify bottlenecks. Design a new floor plan to create six-foot spacing between shoppers. Wholesale Store Fixture team can mobilize displays and fixtures by "skating" them into new positions, with heavy-duty casters allowing the entire run to be moved with few installers.
Realigning aisles and gondola runs can help create more space for social distancing without necessitating complete store reorganization. Our experienced team of fixture installation specialists can quickly and efficiently realign your aisles, allowing shoppers to navigate your store with greater ease and comfort. With no need to remove merchandise or disassemble units, we can usually complete the project overnight, avoiding disruption to your daily operations.When looking at a gondola shelving mobilization, there are some important points to consider which may include:

  • Finding enough space to move existing gondolas
  • The labor costs associated with relocating them
  • The disruption to customers

It is best to plan for the realignment to take place at night when the store is closed.

Wholesale Store Fixture Solution

  • It is possible to mobilize a merchandised gondola any distance by using skating gondolas.
  • Professional installation services can ensure the job is done quickly and cost-effectively, with minimal disruption to existing products on the shelves and the merchandising planograms.
  • Furthermore, extensions and additional shelves can be added to adjacent gondolas, allowing for product transfer without losing the number of product facings.

Creating physical distance in your store can make customers feel more secure, and a recent ICSC study showed that around three-quarters of people are more likely to buy from retailers who took steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Contact us to find out how we can help you build trust with your customers. Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you right away.

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We understand the importance of the your sales showroom to your sales. Our team has expertise in many facets of the construction phase of your project and know how to coordinate with all the vendors in your store during a new store, remodel or showroom upgrade. We also are keenly aware of the potential choke points that can occur when your project calls for extensive construction and work to identify and them before they occur.

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Our team understands the unique demands of your retail sales counters and checkouts

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Retail counters are a balance of form and function and we work with you to achieve it

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We build your counters using the highest quality materials so they last for many years

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Our team can design, build and install an effective retail counter system that leads to higher transaction value for every customer. We can develop a wide range of counter styles and configurations that allows you to leverage your available space, integrate with store fixtures, and establish your store’s brand personality.

 We can build your retail counters to the specific details of your floor plan, branding assets, storage, security, and display needs. We also consider the mechanical needs of your setup including wiring for IT Networking, landline phones, and electrical requirements.

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