Sneeze Guard Grocery C-Store Checkout Counter, Acrylic W/Base 48 x 36H

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  • PROTECTS EMPLOYEES & CUSTOMERS - Helps stop spread of coronavirus, coughs & sneezes
  • SITS ON COUNTERTOP - Easy install - No tools required
  • CDC GUIDELINE COMPLIANT - Ideal for social distancing requirements
  • DURABLE & WASHABLE - Made of 100% long-lasting acrylic polymer 
  • ACRYLIC BASE - Sturdy construction
  • APPROVED HEIGHT - Designed for use on 30 - 42 inch high counters

Use Professional Acrylic Sneeze Guards On Retail Checkouts & Countertops

Increase safety and reduce the chance of spreading coronavirus and other diseases with a professionally engineered solution. The CDC and WHO recommendations require social distancing to help slow transmission of viruses and germs between people. This social distancing can sometimes be difficult to achieve at retail checkouts. To resolve this situation and help create a healthier environment use this portable sneeze guard that can be used on countertops and other flat surfaces. Made of 100% American made quality parts this vertical sneeze guard is for sale as a complete kit. Don't settle for plexiglass, this tabletop sneeze guard is constructed out of long-lasting genuine acrylic that is completely washable. 

Personal Sneeze Guard Specifications and Requirements 

Personal sneeze guard dimensions should be tall enough to create a physical separation or divider between the store associate and shoppers. Typically customers are between 5 ft and 6 ft in height. Most ADA compliant retail checkout counters are 38 inches tall. Other retail tabletops and countertops are usually between 30 inches and 42 inches in height. Sneeze guard mounting hardware for use on a checkout counter should be at least 34 inches tall to effectively create a barrier. We suggest a minimum of a 36 inch tall guard. Check with your local health department sneeze guard requirements for additional information. 

What Type Of Material Is Best For Portable Personal Sneeze Guards? 

The best material for all sneeze guards is material that is both washable and easy to see through. Sneeze guard materials include plastic, tempered glass or acrylic. For portable sneeze guards, acrylic is recommended to keep the item's weight reduced for easy moving. This item is constructed out of solid acrylic and is for sale as a complete kit. It includes a 3/16 inch thick solid acrylic panel with a notch that is large enough to pass a typical 12-pack through it for checkout. The panel measures 48 inches wide by 36 inches tall. The pass-through hole measures 12 inches high by 24 inches wide. This unit includes two acrylic bases that attach to the plastic panel with no tools required. The sneeze guard can be placed on a countertop or tabletop. 

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