Sneeze Guard Grocery C-Store Checkout Counter, Acrylic 32 x 36H

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How To Make A Simple Sneeze Guard For Checkout Counter

Experts agree, the use of a plastic divider, food shield or sneeze guard at your grocery store, c-store or liquor stores helps stop the spread of coronavirus, covid-19 and other germs & diseases. A sneeze guard is used to protect employees and customers from spreading germs & diseases. Sneeze guards have been shown to increase customer satisfaction and employee feelings of goodwill towards their employer for helping to create a healthy environment.  For best results, use a washable clear divider that creates a physical separation at the checkout counter. Sneeze guards that are attached to the counter can be manufactured out of either tempered glass, acrylic or other plastic materials. However, lighter material like plastic is easier to install and generally costs less than glass. This item is a commercial grade acrylic panel sneeze guard that can be fastened to a checkout counter or above almost any transactional table or counter.  

How Far Above A Counter Should Plastic Sneeze Guards Be Placed?

Sneeze guard guidelines generally require that they create a barrier between the mouths of people and other people or to food. This reduces the chance of contamination and helps slow down the spread of disease. Sneeze guards should extend to approximately 72" high above the floor to help block most virus transmission. Most checkout counters are approximately 36 to 42" tall. Usually, sneeze guards are attached to the customer side of the checkout counter and extend above it. Plastic sneeze guards can also be placed above other transactional surfaces such as tabletops and countertops or display cases. These have heights that can vary from 30 inches to 42 inches tall. We suggest a 36-inch tall guard. Check with your local health department sneeze guard requirements for additional information.  

What Type Of Material Is Best For Checkout Sneeze Guards?

For the best results, use washable and clear material for sneeze guards or food shields. However, an edge frame or edge coloring is recommended on the sneeze guard so that the presence of it is noticeable by people to minimize the chance of someone inadvertently bumping into it. Sneeze guard materials include plastic, tempered glass or acrylic. For portable sneeze guards, acrylic is recommended to keep weight down. This item is constructed out of solid acrylic. It includes a 1/4 inch thick solid acrylic panel. The panel measures 32 inches wide by 36 inches tall. This larger size is ideal for most standard checkout counters. This sneeze guard can be placed on most countertop checkouts by using fasteners appropriate to the material of your checkstand and screwing it through the provided mounting holes. Your supply fasteners that are applicable to the material of your check stand.

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