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Portable Freestanding Sneeze Guard Desk Countertops, Acrylic W/Base 24x24H

Portable Freestanding Sneeze Guard Desk Countertops, Acrylic W/Base 24x24H

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1 clear acrylic shield for counter surfaces, checkout stands plus more
Weighs: 6.88 lbs
Measures: 24 x24 inches
Cutout: 8H x 16W
Thickness: ⅛ inch

  • we engineer the legs to not let the unit fall over. so you may use the sneeze guard ACTUALLY WHILE THE COMPETITIONS UNITS MOVES ALL OVER THE COUNTER WHEN IN USE.

When To Use A Portable Acrylic Sneeze Guard On Desktops & Reception Counters 

Add a clear physical barrier to corporate desktops and reception counters to help reduce the transmission of germs & diseases. Many businesses, hotels, doctor's offices and dental offices have work desks or reception counters where communication between employees or between customers and employees takes place. Other interaction areas where sneeze guards can be used include ticket counters, airport counters, restaurant counters and reception desks. Use a plastic divider or sneeze guard at these locations to help stop the spread of diseases transmitted through coughs and sneezes. Protect employees and your customers by using a washable clear divider that creates a physical separation and helps maintain social distancing. This item provides a low-cost and unobtrusive solution for these challenging customer service areas. 

What Are Requirements For A Desk Or Countertop Sneeze Guard? 

The height of a desk or reception counter sneeze guard should be tall enough above the floor to adequately create a physical separation or divider between the workers or between the customers and the workers. Consideration should be given as to whether the people are in a seated position or if they are standing up. The average height of a person seated in a chair is between 42 inches and 54 inches high. The average height of a person standing is between 5 feet and 6 feet tall. Most corporate desktops are approximately 30 inches tall. Reception desks and counter heights generally vary from 30 inches to 42 inches tall. A sneeze guard positioned on either should extend upward between 24 and 36 inches to form an effective barrier. This item satisfies those sneeze guard requirements and overall health safety guidelines. 

Plastic Desktop & Reception Counter Sneeze Guard Dimensions 

This item is sold as a complete kit. It includes a 1/8 inch thick solid acrylic panel with a notch that is large enough to pass through paperwork, documents, hotel registration info, keys, tickets and more. The panel measures 24 inches wide by 24 inches tall. The pass-through hole measures 8 inches high by 16 inches wide. This unit includes two acrylic bases that attach to the plastic panel without tools or fasteners. The depth of this unit measured at the base feet is 8 inches. This sneeze guard can be placed on a desk, countertop or tabletop. Simple to clean - use a soft cloth and soapy water only. Do not use scouring compounds or chemical glass cleaners as they may harm surface.

Effective Everywhere

We made our sneeze guard portable so you can use it in one place and move it to another. Set up a partitioned desk barrier area by placing two or more side by side

Easier to Keep Clean

No scrubbing. Blow dust off the plastic guard surface. Use soap, water or non-abrasive cleaners and it’s good as new

Perfect for Business

The perfect plexiglass plastic shield for counter surfaces in banks, pharmacies, grocery stores, clinics, hospitals, car dealerships and more

Made Here in USA

Using premium material and precision machining. From edge to slim, sleek edge. Our portable sneeze guard ships from here at home